Group Ratio Bookings

Group Ratio Bookings

We understand it can be tough when you are approved at the 4:1 ratio but it’s so difficult to find other participants to do STA with to reduce your spend and ensure you have more respite days rather than less.

We accommodate this by putting a group booking tab and we will regularly update this page and 

Show you the upcoming group bookings with what ratio.

We will try to put small groups together where appropriate.

For example.

Samantha is a 50 year old lady with down syndrome who enjoys nature, knitting and puzzles.

Ricky is a 30 year old lady with intellectual disability who enjoys gaming and animals.

These participants were looking for accommodation in the local area of Brisbane. We were able to book them 4 days together and 3 days apart as they had slightly different dates. They visited their local farm stay to pat the animals together and went and saw a waterfall with their support worker Linda.

This meant their families used less funding and it was a great opportunity for both participants to socialise and interact.

The team will look closely at individual needs including diet and health needs. We also keep age groups similar and offer special “holiday” style packages for people with similar interests.

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