Caregiver Burden Assessment Tool

Welcome to your Caregiver Burden Assessment Tool

The following questionnaire, known as the Zarit Burden Interview, was first developed in the 1980s to help caregivers and mental health professionals evaluate caregiver stress and burnout. While professional psychologists and therapists use this tool to assess clients who are providing care for loved ones, family caregivers who are concerned about their own welfare can use this quick quiz to receive a reliable and objective calculation of the level of strain they are experiencing.

Instructions: Answer the following questions as honestly as possible in order to receive the most accurate assessment of your caregiver burden. Use the following scale to choose a number that best describes how you feel about each question.

Scoring: After answering all 22 questions, add up the numbers that correspond to your answers. Compare your total number to the scale on the following pages to receive an interpretation of your caregiver burden. On the last page of this assessment, you will find tips, resources and next steps that will help you reduce your burden and see that your loved one receives the care they need.

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