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Emily Hooper is a mum to two little people and a teacher to big people.

She was a teacher first so she assumed that being a mum would be easy. She now admits freely she was very, very wrong.

Emily has been a teacher at a public high school on the Sunshine Coast for 11 years; teaching English, Humanities and Indonesian. She found the time to study the Indonesian language in her early years of teaching, before she had children. Obviously. Before teaching she completed a Bachelor of Journalism.

She adores her job and has had the opportunity to work with many students who fall outside the category of ‘neurotypical’ which has only strengthened her ability to engage with, empathise with, and learn with a range of students, their families and the incredible staff who make up the Diverse Learning Hub at the school.

Emily and her husband welcomed their son in 2016, and then a daughter a very short 15 months later in 2017. They blame a holiday Bali with their relatively cruisy first-born for the alarmingly small age gap (and yes, the first-born didn’t stay so cruisy, in case you were wondering).

Emily returned to teaching four days a week, and is currently trying to balance the emotional and mental load of raising a young family, supporting her students, fitting in some freelance writing and of course finding time for that all-important self-care.