Respite and Short-Term Accommodation


Did you know that funding for respite is labelled as Short-Term Accommodation or STA for short in your NDIS plan? The thing is, you will not be able to see if it has or has not been included into your plan.


Where to look for STA in your NDIS Plan.


The category for STA sits within the “CORE” category of funding.

The “CORE” category, as you will see, is a lump sum figure, which has no details to where the planner has allocated funding. Why is that?


What can I use CORE funding for?


“CORE”, funding is calculated and allocated to items that would be for your daily needs, some of these things are, in-home daily care, support to help you function in your home and take you out into the community. It is for gardeners or cleaners, for transport, day/or group programs. It can be allocated towards living independently, respite, consumables and for low assistive technologies.

You see there are no details given because ultimately the “CORE” funding is flexible, meaning you have the choice and control over how this funding is spent across all these areas.

Keep in mind that there is an ideal pathway for these funds, which would have been discussed in your planning meeting and with your Support Coordinator.


Who can tell me if I have funding for STA?


The person who can see your “CORE” funding breakdown in better detail is either your Local Area Coordinator, Support Coordinator or your plan Manager. Usually, the best person to speak to, to determine if you have the funding available is your Support Coordinator. Support Coordinators can tell you if you already have funding for respite/Short Term Accommodation in your NDIS plan.

If STA was not put into the plan, then your support Coordinator will be able to tell you if you have available funds in your “CORE”.

Always, best to check with your support coordinator first.


Your next step


So, if you are interested in having some respite, Step One is to contact your support coordinator, once confirmed, Step Two is to contact us at Breakaway Retreats and let us help create the best respite possible for you. We at Breakaway Retreat are looking forward to hearing from you. So, what are you waiting for.

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